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Central sterile supply department at Bethesda Hospital Bergedorf

Client Bethesda Krankenhaus Bergedorf gGmbH
Project location Glindersweg 80, Hamburg, D
Key figures GFA 380 m2
Service Project planning building LPH 1 - 8
Period 2017 - 2019
© Marc-Oliver Schulz

Since we have been involved with projects in the health sector, we have an awareness of “unclean” and “clean” spaces. These terms also belong in the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) of a hospital. In addition to high hygiene requirements, short routes in and out of operating theatres and pleasant working conditions are important to us as planners of such central functional areas like the CSSD. To ensure the shortest possible route into the operating theatre department, a sterile goods lift was planned here at the Bethesda Hospital Bergedorf (BKB), with which the sterile goods transport trolleys can reach the operating theatre department directly. After use, the instruments are pre-cleaned by hand on the “unclean” side, washed in a “through-loading washer”, disinfected, dried and finally packed again by hand on the other side of the device in the “clean” area. Finally, they are sterilised in one of the steam sterilisers for use on patients.

An atrium and additional daylight simulation in “artificial daylight windows” in the CSSD located in the basement support the staff during this demanding task.

© Marc-Oliver Schulz