© Meike Hansen, Archimage
© Meike Hansen, Archimage

Fountain at the Altona Children's Hospital

Client AKK Altonaer Kinderkrankenhaus gGmbH
Project location Bleickenallee 38, Hamburg, D
Service Project planning at the monument LPH 1 - 8
Period 2011 – 2012

The old listed fountain at the historic main entrance of the Altona Children’s Hospital (AKK) had fallen into disrepair and was severely affected by partially flawed renovations. Upon our suggestion, additional funding was obtained from the Stiftung Denkmalpflege Hamburg (Hamburg Foundation for the Preservation of Historical Monuments) in order to restore the gateway and the fountain ensemble in close coordination with the preservation authorities, following examples from old postcards and historical plans. The putto was cleaned on-site and the lion's head, which was rediscovered under thick layers during the restoration work, was made functional. The fountain is an eye-catcher once again, for passers-by on Bleickenallee in Altona too, who like to pause at the old hospital portal again and enjoy the soothing splash and linger there while looking at the fountain and the beautiful ensemble of buildings behind it. Not least because of this area, which has been restored to its former beauty, the AKK has become a popular meeting place on the “Day of the Open Monument” in recent years.