We can celebrate twice as much!

For one thing, we are managing the construction of the new “I-Haus” building for the Altona Children’s Hospital, which is now outdated and no longer meets the standards of hospital services. We are also very pleased that our application to carry out this project and the accompanying façade design in terms of urban development and historical preservation was assessed positively by all parties involved in the VgV procedure!

In addition, we are also delighted to have taken over the operating theatre project at the Israelite Hospital in Hamburg. The operating theatres, which have now been in operation for more than 29 years, need to be renovated with regard to the building technology, especially the refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, as well as operational organisation. To achieve this, the entire area will also be spatially adapted to the necessary requirements, including being able to use one of the operating theatres for robotic operations.

We were also able to score points in the VgV procedure here with a fully comprehensive concept that meets the requirements for this highly complex task to be implemented during ongoing operations.