The Israelite Hospital Hamburg (IK-H) is one of the leading clinics in Germany in the field of minimally invasive surgery, also known as laparoscopic surgery in the abdominal area.

The IK-H urgently needs to renew the technology in the functional wing of the existing building, which includes 4 operating rooms, and consequently, the building and rooms themselves. In this context, we have planned an extension to the existing building in a northeastern direction together with the IK-H to create the necessary technical areas and additional auxiliary areas, and to adapt and expand two operating rooms to meet user needs during ongoing operations.

As a result of our planning, as ARGE GP General Planners (GP) together with the planning team Eneratio (Technical Building Equipment), Wetzel & von Seht (Structural Planning), Mediplan (Medical Technology), and Klingenberg (Outdoor Facilities), a modern operating unit with new social, documentation, and meeting rooms and additional necessary storage capacities is being created. The common goal of IK-H, us as GP, and not least the Social Authority of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg as the funding provider, is to adapt the auxiliary areas to the increased number of operations and their processes and to enlarge the operating department's floor space by expanding the building vertically. The operating rooms to be redesigned will be brought up to current standards, allowing for the future use of robotics in surgery, particularly for laparoscopic procedures. The use of robotics requires larger operating rooms, as well as additional auxiliary areas for support, enabling a contemporary, more patient-friendly surgical technique and simultaneously improving working conditions for operating room staff.

The needs are defined, planning and tendering are mostly completed, and project partners for the construction implementation have been found, so we can start the next project phase of construction implementation with a good feeling.

We will continue to report!