Anniversary, new colleague and new website

Despite all the complications that currently limit the ease of everyday (office) life, we are able to celebrate some positive things that the new year 2021 has already brought us – all good things come in threes:

Firstly, we want to congratulate Beate Göhring! Ten years – that is how long she has been in the euroterra team! Now that’s a reason to celebrate – although unfortunately we will have to postpone this until a later date. But we can still congratulate her: Congratulations on your company anniversary and thank you for 10 years of trust, commitment, vision, clarity and inspiration!

The second piece of good news is that a new team member joined the group of well-wishers on 1 February 2021: Dipl.-Ing. Architect Mr Thomas Urbach. As a new colleague, he will support and, in many ways, enrich the euroterra team going forward – welcome!

Thirdly, but certainly not the last piece of good news for February: euroterra will soon have a new online presence that is a breath of fresh air – we will inform interested readers about euroterra projects and activities in a clear, informative, structured and up-to-date manner. We can’t wait!