The Architecture Summer Hamburg will once again take place in 2023, and this year, with our participation! As part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2023, we want to provide insights into an area of architectural planning titled "Human. Space. Time. – Psychiatry and Architecture." Within this framework, we offer a glimpse into the field of hospital planning, specifically focusing on the human element. We will guide interested visitors through the new, still under construction, facilities of the psychiatric department at Evangelisches Krankenhaus Alsterdorf (EKA). We will explain the aspects we, as planners, have emphasized to ensure that the new building becomes a place that allows individuals in particularly sensitive situations of their lives to experience support, orientation, comfort, and protection.
Explanations regarding the unique planning challenges of a psychiatric facility for mentally disabled individuals and their implementation will shed light on an interesting construction project situated prominently within the grounds of Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf.

Are you interested and would like to participate?
If so, please feel free to register at for the event on May 26, 2023, or July 7, 2023 (4:00 PM - approximately 5:30 PM, 90 minutes, Evangelisches Krankenhaus Alsterdorf, Meeting point: Main entrance, Hamburg, Elisabeth-Flügge-Str. 1).
We look forward to welcoming you!

An event within the framework of Hamburg Architecture Summer 2023.