The pediatric orthopedic department of the Altona Children's Hospital, headed by Professor Dr. Stücker, is the largest pediatric orthopedic department in Germany. In order to meet the increasing care needs of young sick children and to ensure that the children and parents and the employees feel comfortable in the healing process, we have planned the restructuring of the orthopedic ward on the 2nd floor of the central building of the Altona Children's Hospital and are currently implementing them.

The goal is clear, the measures are varied:
Among other things, we plan to spatially expand the "parents' area" and make it much more open, with a lounge character and integrated kitchen, so that the time together with parents and family, if it has to be spent in the hospital, can be enjoyed according to the circumstances. Waiting in the corridor zone is also much more pleasant thanks to sufficient seating for an increased number of patients with companions and a fundamentally more child-friendly design and maintains a good quality of stay. Above all, however, the existing bathroom situation will be redesigned for barrier-free use for the patients, so that every patient room will now also have a directly accessible bathroom. In the process, multi-bed rooms are equalized and more usable beds are added as part of the Hamburg hospital plan. For this purpose, the base will also be relocated as a central contact point to the entrance to the ward, and will be much more spacious and redesigned and thus an important orientation point for young patients, accompanying persons, visitors and, above all, together with the newly created doctor and examination rooms and other adjoining rooms, to the central workplace for the staff of the orthopedic ward.

We look forward to the continued support of the project, which is currently in the first construction phase and which represents part of various measures to improve the care of young patients in the Altona Children's Hospital and is funded by the social authorities of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

We will continue to report.