Postponement of the award ceremony

A few months have already passed since the panel of judges met in Hamburg to assess the works and projects on the theme of “People. Time. Space.” and select a 1st and 2nd prize winner and an honorary prize. The award ceremony, originally planned for June, would provide a fitting conclusion to the first euroterra. Architecture Award for Young Designers – however, the current circumstances of the hopefully slowly receding pandemic still do not allow for this, unfortunately.

Although we are all now hearing that the tense situation surrounding the coronavirus will be eased to some extent in the coming days and weeks, the awards ceremony unfortunately still cannot be held on the scale we had envisaged. We would like to continue to advocate a personal presentation of the award in Hamburg and not just bring together the people who have inspired the idea of the euroterra. Architecture Award in a digital space.
Therefore, we have decided – with a heavy heart – that we would like to postpone the award ceremony again until a later date. We are planning to present the euroterra. Architecture Award, for industrial buildings, in autumn 2021 and link the announcement with the award ceremony for the healthcare buildings award.
Postponed, not cancelled: We are very optimistic and confident that we will be able to see all the award winners, applicants and judges in Hamburg again in 2021!